You Can Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive With Lipstick
    Source: NDTV

There`s no dearth of gamers streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But Chloe Desmoineaux`s broadcast of the popular first-person shooter is one of a kind. Reason being, she`s playing Counter-Strike by applying make up. Lipstick in particular. Dubbed as Lipstrike, she`s able to play Counter-Strike with a tube of lipstick.

Perplexed? Using a Makey Makey kit which turns almost anything into a touchpad, she hooked it up to a tube of lipstick to make this possible. In addition to this, she modified Counter-Strike`s controls to suit one-handed operation. This meant right-click to aim, left-click to move, and the scroll-wheel to switch weapons. Shooting down rivals is possibly by pressing the lipstick to her face courtesy using a Makey Makey kit.

"Counter-Strike is one of those games that`s mainly attributed to a male audience," Desmoineaux told Motherboard. "Lipstick for girls, war games for boys. F**k that! I can mix it up... If it visually works and the resulting effect is comical, maybe it`s because we all use shortcuts and stereotypes embedded in our heads. It`s in this spirit that I got the idea for Lipstrike."

It`s one of the more interesting experiments we`ve seen in the game for awhile. We won`t be surprised to see some of the more enthusiastic members of the community drum up designs for their own Steam Controllers using some different input methods such as this.